Being a member of Gamma Phi Beta is a lifetime commitment!  Part of that commitment includes paying your dues.

There are two parts: international dues, which goes to headquarters.  And local dues, which stays here with your local alumnae chapter.

International dues are $25 a year.

Those can be paid online, at https://www.gammaphibeta.org/alumnaedues

When you pay online, be sure to select “Atlanta Southern Crescent” from the drop down menu of alumnae chapters.

(You can also pay your international dues to the chapter treasurer when you pay your local dues.)

Starting this year, Gamma Phi Beta has a NEW way of paying your International Dues.  It allows you to do it one time, and be in good standing forever!  It’s called Life Loyal.

With a one-time dues fee you are contributing to a fund that will help finance membership benefits, like The Crescent, for you and our future members to continue to enjoy. The establishment of this fund alleviates the need to use collegiate resources to fund the Sorority magazine, a mostly alumnae benefit.

The Life Loyal fee is $299.  If you are a 50+ year member,  the fee is $189.  And you can buy it as a gift!  (Wow!  What a special gift!)  If you have questions, go to the Gamma Phi Beta FAQ page for a lot more information!

Even if you are a Life Loyal member, you still have to pay your local dues!  No, we don’t have a way to let you pay us a lump sum that will cover you for life.

For the 2016-17 year, local dues are $25.

But this year, we are offering several perks to members who pay.   In addition to a special thank you gift, we will have a phone/address directory of members for all paying members and we will have special discount prices available at some events for dues paying members!

Right now, we cannot accept online payments.  (Sorry!)

You can pay any board member at a meeting.

Or you can mail a check to our treasurer (address below).  Please make the check out to “Gamma Phi Beta.”

Cele Eifert

110 Hidden Springs Lane

Peachtree City, Georgia 30269

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Cele: 404-667-8906 (cell/text) or ron-cele@att.net (email).